Saturday, August 9, 2014

Forgive (Blog)

Forgiveness, it's something that we all want, at least if we cared. Sometimes it's hard to forgive somebody, but we need it. Holding grudges is not healthy. But one should forgive from the heart, and not just say "I forgive you." It has to be for real. Holding a grudge may lead to unhappiness, discomfort in your daily life.

No one is perfect. Maybe that someone who caused the hurt is very sorry for what they've done, in a very genuine way. Maybe it's hard for them to live with the guilt of what they've done. So, please, forgive them. So you can also go on with your life. So you can be free, and they can be free as well.

Guilt can be such a burden. It may cause sleepless nights, constant sorrow. Forgive them, as you forgive yourself. The relationship may be over, but one has to let go. Forgive, even if you don't talk to that person anymore, some things may damage a relationship for ever. Even if it's that way, forgive.