Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pardon my thoughts

Do you ever feel undecided, and unsure of what would make you happy? And you feel bored with life, then you wonder what could make you happy and you don't know what could make you feel that way. Like there is someone in you mind. Someone who you loved very deeply, and you question yourself whether you would like her back in your life.

You miss how you felt being around her, but it's been so long, and you don't know how you would feel if it happened at this moment. You imagine that it would be just as good, but people change, and maybe problems that you had with her in the past, they may still carry weight today. But you think that it may not be the case anymore. And it took you so long to leave your feelings behind, that you don't want to go through the same experience again. But it may not be that way this time around. Maybe you can be happy again, who is to know.

Getting her back is a hassle in itself because she does not want to talk to you. But maybe there is something you can do. They say you have to fight for what you want. And you don't really know if you want that. I think I would prefer someone new, it was just so great. You feel like you will not be able to find the same feeling again. And you wonder why. There is nothing different about her, she is a woman like any other woman. Maybe it was the chemistry, maybe that will not happen again. But again, who is to know. Maybe something better will come along. All in all, it is pointless to think about it. Because I'm a loser, and she will not come back, and I will not find someone new. So pardon the thought, goodbye.