Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sex is Overrated (Blog)

"Sex is Overrated"

I will go straight to the point. Sex is overrated. I have experiment with it, so I can have a voice on the matter. If you are virgin, worry not. You're not missing much. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not what people make it seem like. It's good for about how long it lasts, but as soon as one climax, the fun is over. Again, I am not dissing it. It's just not something to stress over. I cannot prove it, but, I think women enjoy it more than man do. A man's orgasm may last about five seconds, whereas a woman's may last about 15 seconds.

Sex is the best natural high there is, but to me, that is not much. I get more stimulated by smoking a joint than sex. I'm not saying you should smoke a joint instead of having sex, it's just a comparison. Do not worry if you're getting old and never had sex. You are not missing a lot. Just wait until the opportunity arrives and then do it. Do not take the time to anticipate it. When it happens, it happens. Kissing may be just as stimulating. The feeling of falling in love as well. Go ahead and live your life like you normally would